I offer a range of discounted prices:

a lower price range for child consultations
reductions for 2nd, 3rd and 4th household members
there are 2 low income places, where a nominal fee is charged for an agreed number of consultations:
please contact me to enquire if there is a low income place available
for existing patients I offer a yearly health review
(if you are not currently consulting) at half the
usual fee
  monthly payment plans to help spread costs of flexible, personalised homeopathy
> home visits are available in some circumstances: a nominal charge is made to cover travel costs
> 75% charges are made for missed appointments or those cancelled on the day of the appointment
> I can provide details of Simplyhealth health insurance which give 50% refund on complementary and alternative therapies

Hazel Morbey PhD RSHom LNWCH registered homeopath