Increasingly clinical research is establishing the benefits of treatment by a homeopathic. If you would like to know more about this, further information is available from the Society of Homeopath’s research pages via the links page.

Many people come to homeopathy with a medical diagnosis from a doctor, which might include a wide range of complaints, including those from a recent diagnosis or longer term health conditions. A homeopath focuses on the whole person taking account of all symptoms, fitting them together to make a symptom picture, which in turn is fitted to a remedy. Homeopathic remedies are mostly derived from minerals, plants and other natural sources. Remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive, they are not tested on animals, and can be taken alongside prescribed medicines.

Maintaining contact with a GP, or hospital clinical team, is always recommended to enable people to make informed decisions about their health, and to enable them to integrate conventional and complementary approaches.

What happens at a homeopathic consultation?
A consultation can be arranged in my clinic, which is located in Lancaster. In some circumstances I am able to see people in their own homes. The initial consultation lasts for approximately one and a half hours, with follow ups typically taking 45 minutes. Patients are asked to complete a questionnaire about their health and medical history and a consent to treatment form, before the appointment. During the consultation there is time to talk about all of your symptoms, and I ask more general questions about health and well-being. I need to gain as full an understanding as possible about the person coming to see me in order to select a suitable remedy, so I ask for a wide range of information, for example, about sleep, food preferences and dislikes, interests,  significant life events, and so on. The consultation is shorter for children and the process is discussed with parents prior to an appointment. I usually see children under the age of 10yrs of age in their own home.

After the consultation I study and analyse the symptoms in depth, and send out a remedy within a week of the appointment.

Review of cases is built into consultations, and ongoing progress is discussed and any questions answered. Many patients visit a homeopath over time and, once they have an established relationship, often choose to stay in touch with them on a long term basis.

Please contact me during office hours for information on current charges for initial full consultations and follow up sessions.

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Hazel Morbey PhD RSHom LNWCH registered homeopath